Check List for Buying a Property

If you are buying property for the first time, it is a good idea to have a basic check list of what details to pay attention to so that you can avoid some nasty frights when you move in.

Here is a basic check list of what to look out for.

The most IMPORTANT thing to check when buying a property. Leaking taps, funny noises or pipes shuddering when you turn the taps on and off, a leaking geyser – these are all rather expensive things to have fixed and are not compulsory for the seller to ensure are in working order before selling. Check each tap in the house by turning it on and letting it run for a while (including the shower). If you can afford it I would recommend having a plumber come in (someone your trust) to give you an idea of the state of the geyser and the plumbing in the house.
If there is a problem you can negotiate with the seller whether or not they are willing to fix the problems or drop the sale price.

You are entitled to a certificate that informs you that the house you are buying is free of infestation by any bugs and if the house is not free of infestation it is the sellers expense to have the issue sorted out before you move in.

Electrical Compliance Certificate
It is the sellers expense to provide a certificate that confirms that the electrical wiring of the house is in sound working order and no issues were found during the inspection by a qualified electrician.
If there are issues found it is the sellers expense to fix these issues before the sale goes through.

Take a walk around the carpets in the home and check for any water damage caused by leaking or any hectic stains. You can negotiate with the seller to either have the carpets cleaner or replaced in very bad situations. If you note water damage it is important to find out what happened.

A leaking roof is not only expensive to fix but can cause a lot of damage to your furniture that is sitting under the leak. Leaking roof might cause damp walls as water constantly runs into them. Damp walls create mildew which is dangerous to live with and very costly to fix.
Check along the ceilings inside the house and all over the walls for any evidence of quick fixes to cover up damp sections or evidence or damp itself.

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