Use An Automatic Stirrer To Keep Foods From Burning And Pots From Scorching

It doesn’t take much effort to stand over a pot and “stir continuously”, as called for in some recipes. It can be tedious, though, and once a chef stops stirring or leaves a pot unattended, the recipe is sure to ruin.

Enter the automatic stirrer.

With its self-adjusting, self-centering blades, the Ardenté Gourmet Stirrer latches on to the side of most kitchen bowls, and does that stirring for you. The machine’s constant blade-turning protects your milk-based recipes from burning; your sauce-based recipes from charring; and your temperate-sensitive sugars from caramelizing.

While it does its job, you’re freed up to tend to other tasks in the kitchen, or to spend time with family around the house.

It protects your pots from scorching, too.

The Ardenté Gourmet Stirrer runs on 4 C batteries and can be run continuously, or intermittently. Its blades run at different heights to promote consistency, and are dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

You can buy the automatic stirrer in white or black on Ardenté’s website, or on Amazon. It retails for $59.95.

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