Decluttering Your Home

If you are feeling anxious, guilty and depressed about the clutter in your home, you are not alone. Most people living in a cluttered home have these feelings.

Did you know that according to a report in Psychiatry Research in 2008, people who were hoarders, the folks who are the most extreme of all who collect and clutter, are three times more prone to be overweight, have medical problems and mental health issues than the rest of their family members?

Even though you may not be that extreme, you like most people, are probably still bothered by the disorder and clutter in your home and feel like you are under a weight of guilt, anxiety and depression; this is no way to live, there is a remedy.

Begin with your piles of newspapers over 2 days old, and magazines over 3 months old. You can recycle them or donate them to schools, nursing homes, assisted living complexes, etc. Then tackle all that junk mail you have piled up. This should be handled daily if possible by tossing immediately those things you do not want or need.

Tackle your bedroom next. Envision your bedroom like those seen in magazines or model homes; moving out everything that does not belong in a lovely, relaxing, comfortable and romantic bedroom. Organizing the pieces and things that remain will be much easier now.

Take on each area one at a time. Sort items you seldom if ever use into boxes to give away, throw away, or recycle. Don’t begin to reminisce, be objective and strong in your purpose of having an orderly, efficient, and attractive home. The things you do not need that are in good condition would be appreciated by those who really have need for them; you might avail yourself of Craigslist, Salvation Army or Goodwill.

With your home now in order, realize that daily diligence will keep it that way. You do not want to have to do this difficult job again, soon. It really is a breeze to have an orderly and uncluttered home when you stay up with it daily and train your family to do so as well, and will require minimal time and effort this way.

Professionals in the field of “clutter busting” advise that you make your beds daily. Keys and eyeglasses need to always be put in their designated places in the home, a real serenity saver in the mornings. Once you have established these habits, they will enable you to have a calm and positive attitude to begin your new day.

Self-disciple in the area of clutter has an overlapping influence on the rest of your life. One perk is that you will become more hospitable, feeling free to invite others over spontaneously for supper or games when you know that your home is in order. So enjoy your self and your friends and family now that you have conquered the clutter.

Dean Hood

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