Six Crucial Tools to Have in Your Abode

Whether you’re a home owner or a renter, there are just some times where you’re going to roll up your sleeves and fix some issues yourself. Of course, if you rent, you could always call the landlord and wait a few days or a few weeks for the repairs to be finished. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself. Here are the six essential tools for any toolbox in your home or apartment. Here are six “must-have” tools in your toolbox.

Pliers: Anyone and everyone need a basic set of pliers. Do not go out and buy the most expensive set you can find. A few dollars is enough to spend on a basic pair. Pliers can be utilized in a number of situations, including fixing the dryer, loosening a nut that needs replaced, or even helping to fix a broken toy. So the next time you see pliers hanging on the wall at your local store go ahead and pick up a pair. It truly is an excellent investment.

Hammer: Nearly everyone knows how versatile a hammer can be. A 14 ounce claw hammer is most likely your best bet. A hammer will not only hang your family pictures, but will aid in their removal when it comes time to move to a larger home.

Plunger: This is one tool that you’ll thank yourself for buying. Having a toilet overflow and no plunger in sight is no picnic. Sure, you can call on the landlord as a renter, but why risk the embarrassment? Landlords are notorious for not being prompt when repaired things. It wouldn’t be any surprise if you had to wait several hours before they came by to look at the problem. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a $3 plunger nearby if you needed it?

Screwdrivers:  A pair of screwdrivers – one flathead and one Phillips- should be a standard thing in your toolbox from the beginning. You’ll use these screwdrivers for countless jobs around your apartment. Besides buying one of each, you could purchase an all in one screwdriver. The problem is, if you lose a tip, you’re out one screwdriver, and how useful is that?

Allen wrenches, with their corner shaped design are essential for removing hex bolts of all kinds. Allen wrenches are exceptional for putting together furniture, or bookshelves. They’re also what you’ll likely need if your garbage disposal goes on the fritz. Using an Allen wrench is the way you can unjam the disposal motor.

Portable outlet tester: A portable outlet tester is often disregarded by many, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its usefulness. When a light plugged into your wall goes out, is it the light, or is the switch off? Maybe it’s the light bulb? A portable outlet tester can assist you decide the best path for fixing the problem. Just hook it up to the outlet, use the switch, and find where your problem lies. You’ll find yourself needing and using these tools much more often than you think. The tools here will become even more important when you’re moving from your home to a new one. These tools, wrapped in a shiny toolbox can be an excellent gift for someone entering into their first real home.

by AJ Cibok

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