Good News! Indiana Follows Suit in Tax Deadline Extension

Good news for those of us who have procrastinated (including us) on wrapping up those taxes!  As previously reported on The 2 Mortgage Guys site in the article “Federal Income Tax Deadline Extended to April 18, 2011“, the Feds moved the date due from April 15, the traditional due date for federal income taxes. It’s a deadline so ingrained in the American psyche that the April 15 calendar date is often called, simply, “Tax Day”. In 2011, however, federal taxes aren’t due April 15. They’re due April 18. It’s because of a combination of holiday, calendars, and tax law. The change centers on Emancipation Day.

Per;  “the state tax deadline has now changed for 2011: The tax filing deadline in Indiana this year is April 18, due to observance of Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. on the usual date (April 15).”

This change allows one more weekend to plug away at this annual task and finally get that monkey off your back!

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