Benefits for Veterans in Indiana-Golden Hoosier Passport

The following article was originally posted in 2011 – Stay tuned for updated information about the Indiana-Golden Hoosier Passport – a wonderful opportunity for Indiana Veterans!

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Through Indiana’s Department of Veterans Affairs, residents who served in the armed forces receive benefits that help to lower their expenses and receive care and educational assistance. Spouses and children of veterans who served on active duty and as reservists in the military qualify to receive some of these benefits as well.

Periodically,  I will share a benefit available to you much like the one I’m about to share.

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Golden Hoosier Permit Special Cases
Indiana residents who are former POWs or their surviving spouses are entitled to a free Indiana Golden Hoosier Permit. These are mailed automatically at the beginning of each year.

Indiana residents who qualify for a DAV1 or DAV2 license plate, may purchase an Indiana Golden Hoosier Permit regardless of age. Please present a completed form 32584 (Certificate of Eligibility for Veteran License Plates) at time of purchase.

*DNR Annual Entrance Permits and Golden Hoosier Passports are not valid at Indiana Historic Sites that charge an entrance fee.

If you have any further questions, DNR can be contacted via email here.

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