Giving Back For A Life Of Service In Tipton County

Community wants to help Pearson’s widow by building her a new home.

For most of his life, Tipton County Deputy Denny Pearson gave to the community. Following his recent death, a group of community members now wants to give back to his widow.

Pearson died last month after being electrocuted while working on a well at his Sharpsville home. A six-year veteran of the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department, Pearson also was a firefighter in Noblesville and Tipton, and pastored at several small churches.

An effort is under way to construct a new home for Kim Pearson on the property the couple purchased when they got married in 1978.  “Denny was always able to give to people,” said Gwen Wilburn, who is spearheading the effort. “He always opened his wallet when someone else needed help.” Wilburn said the couple’s existing house is beyond repair and the volunteer group wants to built a three-bedroom ranch-style house on the property.

To get the effort off the ground, the group will meet at 6 p.m. today at Rock Prairie Church in Tipton with a second meeting set for 7 p.m. Saturday at the church.  “The idea came from my daughter and son-in-law in California,” Wilburn said of building the house.  Pearson was buried April 9 and Wilburn said the effort to raise funds started immediately.

The group is working with Habitat for Humanity of Tipton County to construct the house. Wilburn said they hope it will be completed in late summer.  “We are building a house as a ‘thank you’ to Denny Pearson,” the group said in a press statement. “We are honored as a community to do this for his wife, Kim Pearson. He gave his money, food and time to others. His own home and land was neglected because of it. We’re giving back our love, time and labor.”

Wilburn said the goal is to raise $60,000 and two concerts are being scheduled along with other fundraising efforts to help reach that goal. She said the group has already raised $950.  “We’re getting donations from area businesses,” she said. “Police officers from all over the area are volunteering to build Kim a house.”  The house will consist of between 1,300 and 1,400 square feet, not including a two-car garage.  The existing house will be demolished, said Wilson.

Wilburn said Detective Craig Lockhart with the Noblesville Police Department has already secured donated labor to install the plumbing, electrical, foundation and a new septic system.  “I’m very excited about it,” she said of the project.  Todd Dell, president of Habitat for Humanity in Tipton, said the two groups are working together to complete the project.  “This is something we are looking to do,” he said.

Ken de la Bastide – Kokomo Tribune

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