New & Improved on Memorial Day!

Formerly know as Decoration Day, The Memorial Day Holiday dates back to 1866, when Waterloo, New York enacted the holiday to decorate the graves of soldiers lost in the Civil War. Memorial Day became an official holiday in 1967 in recognition of those who have given their lives in service to our nation’s military.

Memorial Day Weekend has come to stand as a cultural icon, indicating the arrival of summer. Many pools, public beaches and lakes, etc., open on this weekend, especially in the North. Events like the Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 take place on the holiday as well.

We ask that you take just a moment to remember to observe the sacrifices of those who’ve died in service to our country’s armed forces and give thanks for the freedoms and protections their efforts bless us with today. The 2 Mortgage Guys salute our fallen warriors and the families that have sacrificed a loved one for the cause of freedom.

It’s an honor to release a brand new and improved version of Indiana Va Mortgages today. Enjoy our new design and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

DISCLAIMER: Neither Indiana VA Mortgages ( nor NEO Home Loans is affiliated with any government agencies, including the VA.