In Memoriam on Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day: a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.

For those men who served unashamedly,
Who braved cold nights and horrid weather.
Who learnt to fly into the jaws of death,
who swam in filth to meet their foe,
who jumped into certain peril,
who faced the crucible of war,
who saved lives whilst under fire,
who went to places unheard of,
who carried the burdens, both physical and mental…

We salute you, of all countries who continually volunteer for the good of others, so that peace may forever stand and freedom always ring… You Band of Brothers, who so dearly paid both in life and limb that victory may be achieved. Who were disgraced by those who did not know, but are loved by those who understand…

That while we enjoyed the creature comforts of civilized life, you yet stood on the fields of sacrifice…

No matter the day. No matter the hour… No matter the month or the year: Every day is a reminder of the freedom bought at extravagant price… That he who lays down his life for liberty, is more blessed to have paid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.

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